Bayern Guardiola forget to win Super Cup


Bayern lifelong Germany won the Super Cup against a Borussia Dortmund unfortunate attack and collapsed on the counter.

Guardiola’s philosophy, entry, remained in the freezer but Ancelotti’s team recovered a trophy it lost in the previous three years. Champion in 2012 on the orders of Jupp Heynckes, the Bavarian club was overcome, and under the command of Pep Guardiola, the team of Dortmund in 2013 and 2014 and Wolfsburg in 2015. The arrival of Carlo Ancelotti to Munich changed the fortunes this Sunday.

And he did parked undisguised touch game imposed by the Catalan trainer demonstrating his successor differences between them. If Pep usually means betting on three offensive midfielders ahead of two, the Italian recovered input, legendary ‘Christmas tree’ (4-3-2-1) of Milan.

It also returned to Lahm and Alaba to the side and gave away the freedom that both started missing Ribéry with Pep … So many variations appeared to disconcert the Bayern, who not only was familiarly by Borussia, but in the defensive play exceeded its intensity and greater tactical clarity. But ultimately he smiled victory.

Neuer showed in the Bavarian imperial goal while the joys and offensive ambition of the past gave way to a much more conservative idea. And the backlash retook center stage. And from Bayern she took him victory.

It happened in the 58th minute, when a move initiated by Ribéry ended with a cross which was topped by Arturo Vidal. Roman Buerki cleared his shot … But only the Chilean went to the rebound and scored the goal that began to give the title to Bayern.

The 0-1 was a psychic blow of Borussia, who lost the mood and position no longer recover. Thus, the last half hour was more comfortable than expected for the team of Ancelotti, who sentenced his victory in the 79th minute, after a corner which topped with Hummels head to clinch Müller.
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