Corona: “We believed until the end”

Primeira Liga

Mexican striker has chosen the collective as the key to the victory of FC Porto on Estoril (1-0)

Jesus Corona has returned to the ownership in the match in which FC Porto has won the Estoril 1-0 in the second round of the US League. The Mexican international has admitted that the meeting has not been easy and has argued that the secret of victory has been on the belief and persistence of the team.

The hardest game
“It has not been easy, these games are the most difficult, but we had prepared well the match and we won the three points, which was the most important.”

Believe until the end
“During the match all adds up, fatigue and nervousness, but in the end we believed in our ability to achieve the goals. The key to victory was playing as a team, fight to the end and colleagues believe. ”

Motivation for Rome
“This victory gives motivation for the match with Roma, will prepare the game with all the care and effort so that we can move on to the group stage of the Champions League.”