Flora had had Sillamae, in exchange for a 4: 1 victory


XXV meeting of the Round Hill drove to the port city of Silla, where local JK Kalev FLORATA hosted. In fine weather, and kept in good condition Square quail Flora won the match, dominating almost the entire course of the game, and travels back to three points in Tallinn – võidunumbriteks 4: 1.

Already in the ninth minute of the game, Rauno Sappinen gate of the alert and in the right place, if the defender failed Sillamae palliklaarimise self-interest and Flora turned a 1: 0 lead the way.

A quarter of an hour later the attack was yet again at Flora Rauno Alliku behind the station completely unmarked tsenderduse and a long fall from the attacker to network routing problems have arisen. 2 to 0.

Sillamae tried to come back to the game, and even though all the events of attack or defense Flora central extortion sumbusid gave just green with white center of the momentary inconsistency due out slipped a long pass from the realization of the result of the game back. Yevgeni Kabayev took Mait Toom one-to- one or mistaken. 2: 1.

However, it was a pleasure port locals seeming mänguspüsimisest short-lived, as once again gave Gert Kams fold beautiful remote network Sillamae strike earned a free kick 20 meters. Flora pressure continued and got half the pause eve it became once again awarded as a result of yet another sharp attack forced Igor Dudarev impulse decision, whereby a man trying to clean a ball coming sent the ball into his own goal. Flora drew the game 4: 1.

The second half started sillamäe time letting although seemingly sharply, but the attack solutions, and ending woes of the last, decisive pass / Touch finding haunted still. Both lived in Flora few minutes of pressure over a period successfully and started again attack itself. Once again succeeded in Kalevi ball into the goal to deliver, but some confusion after the clarity of the impasse.

“Confiscated” the match after the hosts were activated in the blue shirts of the field one more time, but it is only short-lived, as once again shook his Flora after the game and took the reins. 69 minutes flew Kassim Aidara caps in front of Nikita sünnipevalaps Baranovile Eiko Saar and the chief judge did not hesitate to attack from the rear pocket of a red välgutamast. Sillamae continued minority.

Three minutes later collided with the game despite a blatant error and bleeding feet unable to continue Baranovile the ball in the penalty area klaarimisaktsiooni carrying out a hand and a penalty could not be disputed. Began to beat again Kabajev, but Mait Toom lowest impact direction, and repelled a Russian hit. Kick the ball remained marginalized although skip the box, but it was the first jaol florakad and some confusion after the fight it out again, this intersection.

It was a match made – sillamäe children lost faith in the remaining minutes of the game calmed down a bit as well as the end of the rolled Flora squeezing the attacks. The port town of Tallinn driven toward worthy victory and upcoming information on the Net and a rock are considered especially important in view of the games – hoiatuskaardita single one.

JK Sillamae Kalev 1-4 FC Flora
31. Yevgeni Kabayev – 9 Rauno Sappinen 25 Rauno Alliku, 39. Gert Kams, 43 credits. Igor Dudarev

Disclaimers: 20 Aleksey Tšerkasov, 41 Radanfah Abu Bakr, 55. Aleksandr Volkov
Remove: 65. Kassim Aidara
Unrealized a penalty: 72 Yevgeni Kabayev
Game Conditions: +21, cloudy; lawn in very good condition.
Spectators: 263
Referee: Eiko Saar
Assistant referees: Hannes Reinvald Silver Kõiv

Sillamae Kalev: Mikhail Starodubtsev, Maksim Lipin (76 Daniil Mironov), Igor Dudarev (46 Deniss Malov) Aleksandr Ivanjušin, Yevgeni Kabayev, Oleksandr Sukharov, Alessandro La Vecchia (14 Aleksandr Volkov), Alexei Tšerkasov Maksim Paponov, Kassim Aidara, Radanfah Abu Bakr.
Varus: Eduard Usikov, Deniss Malov Aleksandr Volkov, Anton Panov, Daniil Mironov.

FC Flora: Mait Toom, Markus Jürgenson, Joonas Tamm (82 Madis rainy), Nikita Baranov, Gert Kams, Brent Lepistu, Mihkel Ainsalu, Rauno Sappinen (79 Herol Riiberg), Sakari Tukiainen, Rauno Alliku, Zakaria Beglarišvili.
Varus: Richard Aland, Maksim Gussev, Herol Riiberg, German Šlein, Joseph Saliste, Andre Frolov, Don rainy weather.