NK – GNK Dinamo Zagreb 0: 2 (0: 2)


An interesting duel in Vinkovci:
Blue in Zagreb back with a well-deserved victory

MAXtv Premier League, Round 4

NK – GNK Dinamo Zagreb 0: 2 (0: 2)

Referees: Igor Križarić (Čakovec), Borut Križarić (Čakovec), Marko Stolnik (Hrašćica), John Mayor (Bjelovar)

Attendance: 3264

NK: Matkovic – Žderić, Zgrablić, Jerbić, Tomasevic (from 82 Pervan) – Crnčević, Vitaić, Mijoković (from 56 Dabro) – Basha, Ugrina, Muscle (from 89 Prskalo)

Dinamo Eduardo – Stojanovic, Sigali, Benkovic, Sosa (of 44 Soldo) – Coric (of 75 Fernandes), Jonas, Knezevic – Soudani, Fernandes, Hodzic (of 61 Henriquez)

Yellow cards: Benkovic (31),

Goals: 0: 1 Soudani (18), 0: 2 Vitaić (41) ag

Once you are in Georgia did great reciprocal match the third qualifying round of the Champions League, the Blue are away at Cibalia typed deserved 2: 0 victory! The first is the goal to Soudani, while the put was credited Vitaić who scored an own goal in the first part.

Coach Kranjcar announced at a press conference that in Vinkovci going after a good result and is said to be blue to show better performance than in the last league match when Dinamo and Slaven Belupo played 1: 1.

To match in Vinkovci not compete Antolić, Pivarić, Schildenfeld, Machado and the chance to get close to the Knezevic and Sosa and later Soldo.

In front of Eduardo in Vinkovci were hitchhiking Sigali and Benkovic, while the sides of the first minute kept Stojanovic and young Sosa. Recall, in Georgia Pivarić felt the effects of the injury and is not yet ready to return to the game. In the center is chosen for Jonas, Coric and young Knezevic, while the next play Soudani and Rog and Hodzic as a kicker.

In view of the tense situation at the top of the charts, although the championship has just begun, Blue in Vinkovci went after all three points, and the high motivation of returnees to the first league Cibalia, it was clear that we expect tense match.

The first ten minutes we watched the fight for the ball to center field, while serious opportunity was not even with one hand. In the 18th minute came the first goal of the Wise, a dynamo in the attack had even a couple of special attempts. In the end, the crowd in front of the penalty area hosts Coric with some 18 meters precisely added in the box for Soudanija who left foot from the first ball into the net Cibalia. Leadership Dinamo in the early stages of the match brought the Blue extra motivation, although the hosts also stepped up a gear and had good opportunities by the end of the first part.

We need to play like this in the future as tonight. Players have accepted my rhetoric to the Croatian league should be respected as a European game because if you let go of some clubs we can really surprise you. I did not want that to happen here, we played at the Dinamo and we opened up with a good atmosphere to the match in Split – said coach Kranjcar after the game and victory.

Basha is in 29 minutes I went to the side, and his attempt to skillfully catch Eduardo. The defense of Dinamo was at the level of the host despite attempts from counter attacks and half-counter could not enter in 16 meters of Dinamo. Eduardo has repeatedly saved the network of his team, while the defense good job by the end of the first part (as below). From opportunity host should set aside the post Tomasevic 39 minutes, but missed the chance to host soon arrived ” punishment ”.

After 41 minutes, Dinamo had a great situation to increase the lead. Rog’s free kick with about 30 meters, put the ball precisely in the middle where the first on the ball was Vitaić which he awkwardly just could not put into his own net and gave hit blue. By the end of the first part of the result is unchanged but the Dinamo players went to the break with a comfortable advantage.

Continuation of the game brought, as expected, fighting game both teams so we saw a number of nice opportunity. The first was in the 48th Benkovic with 30 meters sailed a little too weak in the hands of goalkeeper host to the counter page soon for Cibaliju tried Muscle turns out it was an easy job for Eduardo.

Blue in three rounds typed two wins and one draw. In the first round of the 3: 1 against Lokomotive, then they played 1: 1 with Slaven Belupo, and now is in Vinkovci received a new victory. The residue – off the third round, Blue will do at Poljud on Wednesday, 10 August.

Hodzic is below had two great opportunities. First he played a great combination with Soudanijem. They went both to the penalty area Blue, Hodzic added to Soudanija which is in the end the ball kidnapped Zgrablić who avert danger. A few minutes later a new opportunity Hodzic. This time Stojanovic was nice found the Hodzic who ran into the box, about ten meters passed Zgrablić and sailed to attack the host, but Matkovic threw himself at the ball and managed to save his net.

Soon he and Dinamo had two great campaigns. First Basha tried from the top of the penalty area, but Eduardo is ready tipped the ball, and then Zgrablić a corner, tried to head, but Eduardo is another great reacted and tipped the ball over the door! It was the great response of the Portuguese goalkeeper thereby preserved the advantage of Dinamo.

By the end of the game Henriquez had a good attempt at a header but the ball went wide of the target, while the Cibalia had several opportunities, luckily for Blue, did not end with a goal. In injury time post is pogodioRog, and soon the judge marked the end of the match.

Dinamo Zagreb are also in the back with a new-deserved victory and the three points and immediately turns prepares for the next match – against Hajduk at Poljud, on Wednesday, 10 August.