OTP Bank Liga Round 7

OTP Bank Liga

The final game of Round 7 and one rangadóján DVSC Videoton as a guest on the field. The meeting took place because of the Felcsút Iulia stadium renovation. Aleksandar Jovanovic professional staff could not be available due to injury, and for the same reason Peter Szakaly Weaver and Thomas also missed the clash.

Vigorously they began the home side, but on 14 minutes they took the lead Loki! Djelmic pre-curved right hand, Vinícius upside wanted to clear up, but just ended up with the ball János Ferenczi, our midfielders did not hesitate, and 17 yards, left foot shot just to the lower left. Not for long, however, be happy to driving because of the equalizer 23 minutes from Videoton when after a corner Lang scored the goal. Ten minutes later than was measured in Székesfehérvár advantage: Pátkai pass Géresihez who started ahead Brkovics tried to stop him, we both came down, but domestic players got up and left the five corners of a long shot.

The second half initially taken in a balanced fight, there are few situations. This changed in the 57th minute, because ahead of Videoton after a corner Lang found the net. The domestic ones in the 71st minute was a ziccere, Lazovics attempt, however, defended Danilovics. A minute later he made no mistake in red-and-blue outfit Geres left gave the middle, Feczesin is transmitted into the net at close range. The 83 minutes it had the opportunity of beautification, but far Tisza’s attempt saved by the home keeper. The Feczesin scored again in extra time gain of Videoton in the fifth and final results.