ŠK Slovan Bratislava – MŠK Žilina 1:0 (0:0)

Fortuna Liga

GOAL: 67. Soumah YC: 89. Soumah – Pečovský 72, 73. Vavro, 86. Duck, decided Hrčka 1264 spectators

MŠK Lineup: Volešák – Mabouka, Vavro rabbit Lubrication – Diaz, Pečovský (C), Greaves (61 Duck) – log, Otubanjo (50 Ceesay) Hlohovský (76 Mandiangu)

Even in the smash hit 6th round Fortuna league coach Adrian Ball want to change a winning formation, as well as the new helmsman of domestic Ivan Vukomanovic built the strongest possible lineup. Introduction 117. The mutual match belonged ideally over several inaccuracies on both sides, the first center in front of Mucha did not bring danger. The lookout had to be Miloš Volešák, which after 7 minutes zblokovali chance to host the defenders, after the subsequent corner safely check Soumahovu a shot at the middle of the goal. Home neoslnila quarter of an hour, several hundred spectators, scrum brought only corners of domestic and solo Ernest Mabouka 18 minutes until terminated Dribbling Sekulic. Green and yellow combination was sluggish, which gave a chance to the domestic fast break. Excitement brought about 30 minutes and unobtrusive center Viktor Pečovský captain, who flew to Filip Hlohovský. He was looking for the teammates converging to the other, but the defense managed belasých “goal” to defuse pass. On the other hand, although Priskin broke boxed Volešák, but the ball flew out of the bar of our goalkeeper. 38 minutes gets into scoring opportunity Yusuf Otubanjo, lefty ended, unfortunately, only for salads. The first half did not bring goals, cards, and even a lot of football beauty into the cab so it was a draw for the state.

The home stretch the net after 49 minutes, but only from the outside when the bomb Savicevic Do not point exactly. The offensive came Šošoni revive Momodou Ceesay, already in the 50th minute to spare Otubanja. Again he had to intervene Volešák who bomb Schett boxed to the corner. But again graced the game several broken pass, the pace we tried to accelerate, but the ball often be thrown. Home took the lead after an amazing Soumah tipped a shot from outside the penalty area that deflected Denis Vavro probably, what Volešák fails to act. 73 minutes passed through the center Nika log Mucha top five, but none of phosphor jersey react. Similarly we can repent center Miroslav Káčer who could deal with the situation differently. After 82 minutes, he escaped Nikolas log, but the final pass found lurking Ceesaya or Chris Mandiangu that nasty Hlohovsky. Conclusion was marked our overhead again but agile Špalek had missed the right moment to find a mate. Golovach joy did not bring the 90th minute and corners Mandiangu, documenting and unlucky shot Rob cunning beyond three goalpost. On pastures so we suffered the first defeat of the season.

VOICES after the game:

Adrian Ball, Head Coach MŠK Žilina: “We had high expectations that it will go easier opponent, however, is its quality. It stemmed our nervousness on the lawn boys otherwise managed to control the ball, we had a slow transition. We were not so dangerous, in order to match draw away to our side, not just wait for it when debits. Substitutions arrive early because we did not work well, enters the second part, we have its passivity asked a goal, we lack an active pressing in the top positions. it is necessary to see everything real and not having big eyes, we go step by step, from match to match. ”

Miloš Volešák, the goalkeeper MŠK Žilina “drawn games where played Super compact and we through him failed to achieve. In the first half it was still as-that’s fine, but in the second act, we were more passive towards the front, on the contrary, Slovan more combined, to which we are accustomed to. it ended up unhappy spectacular. the ball went right on me, unfortunately, Denis in order to avoid a shot deflected ball unlucky to tees, to which I have already missed respond. we tried to do the final whistle at least tied at the end We came the chance, but we did not use. ”

Michal Škvarka midfielder MŠK Žilina: “We knew we expect a challenging opponent, and this was confirmed on the field. We were not able to build on the performances that graced Zilina before. We did not play Principova and simply unnecessary, we complicated the situation. It did not appear, could it be replaced lawn, thus it took us going forward rotation or center of gravity of the game much longer. Draw svedčala would encounter more. “