Tree Moods: HJK – PK-35 2-0


HJK – PK-35 2-0
HJK seemed to nature: three points and a 2-0 win by almost a game.

Veikkausliiga five voitotonta match played streak Club went to pick up changes in price as when a guest arrived at a series of jumbo PK-35 Vantaa.

HJK Helsinki Vantaa period had defeated both previous encounters.

Teams previous encounter was solved quickly when the club hit the score four goals in the first half. Again the winner was no doubt. Less than fought Club made a return to winning their opening 2-0.

The second series of Table HJK started the game with attitude. Places emerged immediately during the first ten minutes of the match, but the finish was in need of further precision.

22 minutes into the paint already hung in the air, but the ball only twice kolisi the visiting team hit the post.

The club evening darkened for a moment, when Aapo Halme was sent off straight red card on 26 minutes.

However, HJK showed the tenacity of the same road. After Vantaa Lawyers corner of the situation the hosts went to counterattack. Odu came to himself nicely and freed Ousman Jallow through the riding. The second period, the fights have played Gambian goalkeeper Samu Volotisen, and stamped it with certainly open network.

Despite the shorthanded game remained very HJK’s possession, and Thomas Dähne hosts had to paint the elongation of the path of the ball than a few times.

The second half began apace. The game surging from end to end, HJK, however, creating a better pressure.

The club did produce a pressure force, when the clock was 56 minutes. Scorer Jallow was poured into the penalty box, together footing. A man walked behind the ball itself and doubled the distance with blue and white conservative investment management.

PK-35 applied for exchanges with the freshness of the pitch, and the visitors created it won seats. After 68 minutes of self-confidence uhkunut Dähne made a magnificent double combating Discouraging vantaalaishyökkääjät.

Although the club pelasikin nearly more than an hour, no PK-35 Vantaa received at any point in the match over. HJK played very bravely and accurately, and the three points were really earned.

HJK play it the next time Sunday, 28.8 Sonera Stadium, while KuPS Kuopio arrives at the Töölö district.
HJK – PK-35 Vantaa 2-0 (1-0)

Goals: 29 ‘Jallow, 56’ Jallow (rp)