Zvezda easily won the Derby!

Super Liga

Red Star are easy to deal with the team Radnicki in round 5 of the Superleague. Directed by Alexander Kataijem and Hugo Vieira, the team of Red Star held routinely in hot roaming and so made a good prelude before hosting Italy. Radnicki Nis – Partizan 0: 3 (0: 2).

Miodrag Bozovic this match again changed the composition of, and what you can expect, is that the team and the second straight game has not conceded a goal. Damien Le Talek returned to the middle, where his partner was Marko Poletanović, on the right side played Marko Petkovic, a place in the last line was taken by Zoran Rendulic. Gelora Kanga was first found in the composition after the game with Ludogorets and have a difficult time at the point of attacking midfielders.

Party stars until the fourth consecutive victory in the Super League, led by their best players. Zvezda took the lead after 16 minutes. Mihailo Ristić is a good centered on the left, but Hugo was not difficult to carry out chest the ball into the net. Portuguese attacker is the sixth goal in the championship. A minute later, Hugo had a chance for a second goal, but the 1-on-1 with the keeper Workers, tried to lift, and Konovalov had read his intention and defended his attempt. An excellent opportunity has also gone further. the next minute, Red Star has doubled its advantage. He played 19 minutes, Aleksandar Katai is a great shot from the edge of the area, hit a small network wide. wonderful and 2 goals: 0 for Red Star at the time.

After that goal, Zvezda continued to play quickly and openly. At the end of the first half, the defense of workers, Rados Bulatovic, badly Ruiz and his second yellow card in the game. From that moment dilemmas, if it existed, on winning the game that was gone.

At the beginning of the second half, Grof Bozovic made the first change. univerzalac French left the game, but instead Srdjan Plavsic entered. His excellent play in this match, Aleksandar Katai crowned with his second goal. After 54 minutes, the dog Petkovic, Katai can easily rid the opposing defenders and powerful kick to the farthest corner shot of workers. Towards the end of the game, the opportunity to play in this game to get more Slavoljub Srnić and Predrag Sikimić. It is worth mentioning is that even at 86 minutes Red Star left with one less player. Tomas won second yellow card Fibel.

Miodrag Bozovic can be satisfied with a new victory in the championship and as a new team not conceding a goal. The best team players are Zvezdinog playful and beautiful state of mind in team personnel and training are expected Thursday and duel with Sasuolom.